Healing Wonders of Singing Bowls


In the ancient times, the people of Tibet used musical instruments known as "singing bowls" to practice sound healing. Today, these singing bowls are already gaining acceptance by many medical practitioners and a lot of them have found out that there are indeed healing secrets hidden in these metal bowls.


The sound or the resonance produced by the singing bowls affects the human body in such a way that it experiences improvements in ailing areas of health. For instance, those exposed to the sounds of singing bowls have seen improvements in their human immune function. Some have observed a lowering in their heart rate and blood pressure. Cancer patients experiencing pain are soothed by listening to these sounds, and stress level in individuals are significantly reduced.  When stress is dissipated, the body is ready to receive deep healing when the singing bowl sounds are played.


A sound similar to bell sounds is produced when singing bowls from http://www.silverskyimports.com/are struck with a wooden mallet. When the bowls are rubbed consistently with a mallet in a circular motion around the bowl's edge, it produces a sound which the Tibetan natives call "sound of the void."


In other cultures the sounds of the bowls induce people to go into a certain kind of trance which makes them very open to healing. These sounds are thought to synchronize brain waves so that the effects on the mind and on the body are therapeutic.


At present, modern medicine recognizes sound therapy as a means of healing. They say that because people are vibrational beings, it is possible to heal them through the effect of applying intentional sounds to the body.


Some doctors use singing bowls to relieve pain and stress in patients. Others have used it to lower blood pressure. Anxiety can also disappear in response to the singing of theSSI bowls. It also produces an inner calm, peace and oneness which is a true experience of deep inner healing. This is why medical practitioners today have come to embrace singing bowls as an extremely valuable tool especially in the healing of stress or for pain relief.


You can also use these authentic Tibetan singing bowls in your home. They can be purchased from import stores or from online sites. Mastering the techniques of playing the singing bowl is easy. You can do it in a matter of a few minutes. And with this few minutes of learning to play it, you can already experience something which is deeply fulfilling.