The Magical Healing a Tibetan Healing Bowl Can Give


Singing bowls are object used for meditation, relaxation and healing. These small rounded bowls works like bells and produce melodious sound if being played. Singing bowls come from Tibet and are now being used to play in Nepal, India and Bhutan. Llamas have been using them for thousand years already. They are considered as sacred and they exist but kept it a secret until the Chinese have invaded Tibet in the 1950s. After the whole knowledge have spread the singing bowls have spread, and their various function became common with common cultures. The singing bowls are made with the combination of seven metals, and most of the singing bowls on the market are made with three or five metals. These bowls give tones that allow you to relax deeply and make a harmony between your own body and soul. If you put the singing bowl on your own body the sound waves reach each cell with the vibrations that massage the cells as they pass through ones body.


It is not in a long process to reach a relaxation state. The cellular massage at SilverSkyImports.comis known to give healing result to the sick bodies. Also when playing this bowl, this also can give relaxation. There are two ways to play the singing bowl. The first is by striking it and the second is by rubbing the bowl with a wooden stick making a continuous tones. Good singing bowls gives gives various tones that come as you move the mallet around it. In preparing for a sound massage, you must lay flat on the back. Make yourself comfortable and then place the bowl in your own chest. The vibration will make them slide and you may need to put a non slip matting between the bowl and your own body. The bowls will begin to ring your own ears and pick up lower tones.


You will start to hear the bowls sing and the waves will start to pass in the cavity like a guitar and a violin. The sound waves will travel within your chest and will rest in your body. As you concentrate further, the sensation of the sound and vibration your body will enter a relaxing state. One can be able to avail this singing bowls with Silver Sky Imports to assist you in providing you the Silver Skysinging bowls for your own self. There can also be singing bowl therapist who can place the bowl around you and on top of you as well, these therapists can be able to adjust the sound and play the right tone for your own chakras.