Tibetan Singing Bowls - How Exactly Do They Heal?


If you've been doing some research, Tibetan singing bowls have been in existence for hundreds and hundreds of years. Back then, they were used mainly for spiritual and physical healing. Today, these bowls are still very much alive, but people are using them usually for stress-relief, yoga, and other appropriate applications.


If you're like most people who are interested in these bowls from http://www.silverskyimports.com, you may be wondering just how exactly they're working to heal the mind and body. Some folks can explain this mechanism in complicated terms, but in reality, it's just all about sound and vibrations.


As humans, we are exposed to a whole range of sounds form day to day -the chatter of the TV, motor vehicles on the highway, and so on. These sounds are particularly irritating to the brain, but those produced by Tibetan bowls create the opposite effect. They bring calmness and a certain quiet pleasure.


The tones produced by singing bowls are pure and harmonious. This is why when you listen to them, you get that relaxed feeling, as though you were listening to the sound of the rain, rushing waves at the beach, the chirping of birds or any other sounds produced by nature. Studies have proven time and again the correlation between a relaxed mind and a healthier body. In short, you are less prone to developing illness or disease with constant exposure to the sounds produced by singing bowls.


Tibetan singing bowls unique yet very effective healing instruments. Otherwise, their popularity would not have reached this day.


Aside from sounds, Silver Sky Importssinging bowls also work around vibrations. It is said that all that exist vibrate at a specific frequency. That includes our bodies and everything inside us, such as our energy systems - the auras and the chakras. Health is a state at which everything in us is vibrating optimally at each of their frequencies. When the vibrations are disharmonized due to certain factors, illness or disease sets in.


Tibetan singing bowls create vibrations that restore vibratory harmony in our bodies. The pure vibrations they produce react with our internal frequencies, thereby correcting any imbalances. This is why these singing bowls are best placed directly against the body: to ensure that the vibrations reach areas inside of us where they are most needed.


If you're been wanting to try the healing properties of Tibetan bowls, there are plenty available online. But the challenge with variety is that you can't easily tell which ones are of good quality. The seller's reputation is thus very important. You need to do your research. Check out reviews. Ask friends or relatives who may have purchased singing bowls online as well. This will make the process of finding a good seller less daunting, especially if it's your first time to buy.